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Anti damage Solution

Shockwatch is precision impact detection senses and indicates a magnitude of shock. Non-mechanical and non-magnetic,Shockwatch features a tiny liquid-filled glass tube housed in a self-adhesive label. If a carton bearing a Shockwatch Label is dropped or handled roughly, Shockwatch reacts instantly.


Tiltwatch is a tip indicating device for goods that must remain upright to insure intact delivery. Two options are currently available in the Titwatch Line:

1.Tiltwatch has a single sensor that turns red if angled past 80 degrees from it's access.

2.The Tiltwatch Plus indicates the exact angle the shipment was tilted or even if the Shipment has been completely overturned.


Stretch Film,versatile with consistent quality to utilize and palletize the cargoes with better stretch,higher load retention and better 

puncture resistance to save packaging costs. It gives cover to protect against water,dust and moisture during transit and storage,

ensures all pallets to be safely transported.

We have the most varied and complete range of Stretch Film.

Types availabe:

Normal/Black/Anti-Static Stretch Film,Machine Roll.